> What happens once I place my Meal Prep order?

You will receive an email and text notification if you opted for both to confirm we received your order. We will verify your order within 24 hours and reach out if we have any questions. You will receive an additional email once we've verified your order which will contain additional information regarding your order such as delivery/pick up instructions, FAQs, food storage and prep. tips, and more.

> Is there a cut off day to when I can order my Meal Prep order to ensure it will be ready by the following Monday for pickup or delivery?

Yes, it is required to get your orders submitted by the Friday prior and before 6PM in order for us to guarantee your order will be ready for pickup/delivery the following Monday.

> Do you offer delivery or do I have to pick my meal subscription up from your locations?

We offer delivery for our meal plan subscribers that are within our delivery green zone (Please see map below). You can also pick up from our location in The Colony, TX, if you wish. Pickup and delivery times are below. For those who fall outside our green delivery zone, $10-15 delivery fee will be applied to your order prior to delivery.

Pickup: Monday 2-4PM

Delivery: Monday 10AM-4PM

> How can I request a custom order?

For anything not covered on our website, you can use our Contact Us to inquire about custom and personalized orders.

> Will I received all my Meal Prep food at one time?

Yes, we will delivery your full meal prep order at one time.

> Are Meal Prep deliveries free?

We are based out of North Dallas, The Colony. You can view the Map below for delivery fees. If you have any question, please email us directly and we will be happy to help.

Delivery Map

> Do you accept refunds?

Meal Prep - We accept refunds prior to Friday, the week prior to your Monday delivery/pick up. 

Catering, Cakes, and Private Dinners - We accept refunds up to 48 hours before the event but this will be a 50% partial refund only. 

We do not offer or promote shipping of any physical food items on this website at this time.